Co-Therapeut in LUBEC, Leiden: 8uur/week


Apply before: 21 December 2020
Institute: LUBEC, Universiteit Leiden
  • Parttime positie als co-therapeut (met onderzoekstaken) in ons klinisch onderzoeksproject In Je Sas!. We onderzoeken de effectiviteit van een blended care aanpak (mHealth app + CGT in groep) voor adolescenten van 12-17 jaar oud met een Sociale Angst Stoornis.
  • Taken twee middagen per week: co-therapeut zijn bij groeps-CGT voor tieners met sociale angst, intakes houden en helpen met data verzameling, contact houden met de tieners via de app, en meer!
  • Gewenste ervaring: je bent klaar of bijna klaar met de klinische stage van je MSc Psychologie opleiding, bij voorkeur heb je ook ervaring met structurele diagnostiek en met CGT, je bent flexibel en minimaal twee middagen per week beschikbaar, je spreekt vloeiend Nederlands, je vindt het leuk om met tieners te werken.
  • Tijd periode: Januari – August, 2021 (met een mogelijke uitbreiding tot december, 2021)
  • Wil jij ons team versterken? Stuur je CV en korte motivatiebrief voor 21 december per e-mail naar Sara Jakobsson Mansson:
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PhD position in Neuroscience


Apply before: 11 December 2020
Institute: University of Tübingen, Germany
  • We use a multidisciplinary approach to investigate sensory and sensory-motor transforms in the brain ( Our approaches consist of both theoretical and experimental techniques including human psychophysics, animal behavior, imaging, electrophysiology and computational modelling. One part of our group is located in the University, in the Center for Integrative Neurosciences (CIN), and the other part is in the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics as the Department for Sensory and Sensorimotor Systems. This job opening is for the CIN working group.
  • Participate in research projects such as lab and equipment set up, data collection, data analysis, writing reports and papers, and presenting at scientific conferences. Assist the lab manager and work in a team for routine laboratory operations, such as planning and preparations for experiments, lab maintenance and lab procedures. Assist and participate in project planning, and mentor and supervise student projects.
  • This position is focused on behavioral, electrophysiological, and imaging studies on rodents.
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PhD Position in Neuroscience


Apply before: 1 February, 2021
Institute: Catholic University of Leuven Center for Contextual Psychiatry, Belgium
  • Up to 10% of adolescents and adults engage in non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI; e.g., cutting, hitting) every year and are at increased risk for suicide and various other adverse outcomes (e.g., stigma, depression, interpersonal stress). Suicide is the second leading cause of death for 15 – 29 year-olds worldwide.
  • Despite this, we still lack the ability to effectively predict NSSI and suicidal behaviours where they occur: in individuals’ everyday lives. Against this background, this innovative PhD project will harness the power of cutting-edge experience sampling methods and wearable technology to lay the foundation for novel interventions and collect data in two daily life studies: a clinical study with individuals who have engaged in NSSI and another with young adults from the general population who are at risk of developing suicidal thoughts and behaviours.
  • The project will involve developing individual risk prediction models that can accurately detect the risk of NSSI in daily life and investigating dynamic phenotypes of people who self-injure, as well as those at high-risk. The successful candidate will take a leading role in the two studies and will be responsible for conducting interviews with the participants and cooperating with clinicians.
  • A contract for one year will be offered, which is renewable for another three years after positive evaluation. Salaries for Ph.D. students are competitive by international standards. The starting date is flexible but no later than March 2021.
  • Succesful applicants must be fluent in Dutch.
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2 PhD positions in the field of motivation and affective science


Apply before: 11 December 2020
Institute: Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany
  • The Hector Research Institute is seeking excellent doctoral candidates who are motivated to work in an interdisciplinary field of motivation and affective science.
  • The aim is to establish an unique team of talented researchers from a broad range of perspectives and skills. As such, applicants can come from any of the following fields (or related fields): cognitive science, affective science, social/personality science, educational science, psychometrics/data science, neuroimaging (broadly defined), and ageing (life-long learning).
  • The position is part of the new Alexander von Humboldt Professorship and Jacobs Foundation Advanced Fellowship held by Professor Kou Murayama, who has moved to the University of Tübingen to continue his internationally renowned research at the Hector Research Institute.
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WO wetenschappelijke onderzoeksstage Onderzoeksgroep Forensische Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg


Apply before: N.A.
Institute: GGzE, Eindhoven
  • GGzE Eenheid Kind en Jeugd biedt ambulante en klinische hulp aan kinderen en jongeren (0 tot 23 jaar) met psychiatrische problemen die niet eenvoudig op te lossen zijn. Binnen de eenheid wordt door de Onderzoeksgroep Forensische Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg veel onderzoek gedaan naar de verbetering van de zorg voor kinderen en jongeren met ernstige gedrags- en emotionele problemen. Met innovatief en grensverleggend klinisch onderzoek krijgen we meer zicht op beschermende en risicofactoren, neuropsychologische en cognitieve beperkingen en de behandelvoortgang.
  • Studenten (forensische) orthopedagogiek, klinische psychologie, neuropsychologie, ontwikkelingspsychologie of een vergelijkbare (research)master kunnen voor een wetenschappelijke onderzoeksstage bij ons terecht. Studenten werken mee aan lopend onderzoek en maken kennis met alle aspecten van het doen van onderzoek in de klinische praktijk.
  • Ieder jaar zijn er 4 stageplaatsen beschikbaar voor studenten. De onderzoeksstages hebben een omvang van gemiddeld zeven maanden en kunnen elke maand starten.
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PhD Position in Neuropsychology


Apply before: 31 October 2020
Institute: University of Freiburg
  • The Insititute for Psychology, Dept. Neuropsychology welcomes applications for PhD Part-time position (65 %)
  • An ideal candidate holds a Master degree in neuroscience, psychology, biology, engineering, or related fields, and has solid background knowledge in cognitive neuroscience, good technical skills, and programming experience (MATLAB or Python).
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PhD position on the Psychology of Science Scepticism


Apply before: 2 November 2020
Institute: University of Amsterdam
  • We are looking for a highly motivated candidate for a 4-year PhD position on the psychology of science scepticism, which is part of a project funded by an ERC grant awarded to Dr Bastiaan Rutjens. Within the project, you will work closely together with the other members of the core project team, which consists of Bastiaan Rutjens, a postdoctoral reearcher, another PhD student, and a research assistant.
  • Science scepticism among the public represents an important societal challenge. While recent research has shed light on some of the ideological correlates of specific manifestations of science scepticism – such as climate change denial and vaccine hesitancy – a unifying psychological principle that can be applied to science scepticism more generally has not yet been identified. Our lab investigates psychological distance to science as a precursor of science scepticism. In this project, the focus will be on evaluations of scientists (i.e., trust in scientists, stereotypes about scientists, scepticism about scientists’ motives). Various methods will be employed, including large-scale cross-national surveys, controlled experiments, and secondary data analysis.
  • Master’s degree (preferably obtained in a research master program) in social psychology, cognitive psychology, psychological methods, communication science, or equivalent program.
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Psychology bachelor students: Student Mentor Bachelor Psychology


Apply before: 13 July 2020
Institute: Leiden University
  • The International Bachelor Psychology is looking for enthusiastic and committed student mentors to familiarise first year bachelor’s students with university life, as well as studying and living in Leiden.
  • As a student mentor you will supervise two or three groups of up to 12 first-year students from the International Bachelor Psychology.
  • You will act as a role model and a first point of contact for the members of your groups. You will organise a programme focused on introducing students to Leiden University, building their study skills, and improving the wellbeing of the students. In addition, as a student mentor you will give tips and guidance on how to manage studying, exams, systems (such as Brightspace), educational culture, choices further down the course of study, and student life. To this end, you will work together with a tutor (teacher) and have regular peer-consultancy sessions.
  • You will be paid under the position of student-assistant in accordance with the collective labour agreement of Leiden University.
  • Information and applications (cover letter + CV) can be sent to Evelien Wolthuis, study adviser at
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PhD Candidate Leiden University / Maastricht University


Apply before: 16 June 2020
Institute: Leiden University
  • The Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Leiden University in collaboration with the Experimental Health Psychology unit of Maastricht University has an opening for a PhD candidate
  • The Gravitation research program focuses on a new and challenging view on the origin, maintenance and change of mental disorders. The vision is that mental illnesses are dynamic and complex networks of (mental and physical) symptoms that interact with one another over time. Gravitation researchers will focus on (1) the estimation of complex and dynamic networks of individual patients, which can change over time, (2) disorder-transcending network-based interventions tailored for the individual, and (3) in-depth fundamental studies into transdiagnostic behavioural, cognitive, neurocognitive and interpersonal processes that can drive connectivity between symptoms. The current project is part of the third category
  • The aim of the current PhD project is to understand the role that expectancy and avoidance learning play in a broad spectrum of persistent physical symptoms (including pain, itch and fatigue). The project aims to gain a better understanding of the role of expectancy and avoidance in the transition from an acute to a chronic state. For this goal, the PhD student will study these relationships in subjects with and without physical symptoms, starting with experimental laboratory studies integrating expectancy and avoidance manipulations to investigate how these processes interact in symptom worsening.
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Stage/Vacature Basispsycholoog Bonaire


Apply before: N.A.
Institute: Expertisecenter Onderwijs Zorg (EOZ) Bonaire
Job specification:
  • Stichting Expertisecenter Bonaire (EOZ) is op zoek naar een enthousiaste basis orthopedagoog of psycholoog met diagnostiek aantekening en met het liefst onderwijservaring. Je werkt in een dynamisch team van ongeveer 10 schoolmaatschappelijk werkers en 10 gedragswetenschappers voor het primair en/of voortgezet onderwijs (incl. Volwasseneducatie). De gedragswetenschapper is als casemanager, onder leiding van de teamleider, verantwoordelijk voor een verantwoord plaatsing en/of begeleiding van de leerlingen. Dit natuurlijk in overleg met de school en ouders. Het accent van de begeleiding komt steeds meer te liggen op de relatie tussen de onderwijsbehoeften van de leerling en de wijze waarop de leerkracht hierop kan inspelen.  Bonaire kent geen speciaal onderwijs. EOZ ondersteunt daarom het regulier onderwijs om passend onderwijs mogelijk te maken voor elk kind. Verder verricht je ook diagnostisch onderzoek, geef je psycho-educatie en workshops over diverse problematieken. Het is tevens belangrijk dat je meedenkt aan professionaliteitsbevordering. Voor het goed uitoefenen van deze functie is kennis van de culturele achtergrond, taal (Papiamentu) en het onderwijs essentieel. Heb je interesse in een stageplek of baan bij EOZ stuur dan zo spoedig mogelijk jouw motivatiebrief en c.v. naar ons.
  • Een assessment kan onderdeel uitmaken van de selectieprocedure.
  • Naast de vacature voor basispsycholoog is het EOZ ook op zoek naar een student psychologie voor een stage van 32 u tot 36.5 u per week.
  • Bij interesse neem contact op met Ryon Welvaart via
External references: N.A.