PhD Candidate Leiden University / Maastricht University


Apply before: 16 June 2020
Institute: Leiden University
  • The Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Leiden University in collaboration with the Experimental Health Psychology unit of Maastricht University has an opening for a¬†PhD candidate
  • The Gravitation research program focuses on a new and challenging view on the origin, maintenance and change of mental disorders. The vision is that mental illnesses are dynamic and complex networks of (mental and physical) symptoms that interact with one another over time. Gravitation researchers will focus on (1) the estimation of complex and dynamic networks of individual patients, which can change over time, (2) disorder-transcending network-based interventions tailored for the individual, and (3) in-depth fundamental studies into transdiagnostic behavioural, cognitive, neurocognitive and interpersonal processes that can drive connectivity between symptoms. The current project is part of the third category
  • The aim of the current PhD project is to understand the role that expectancy and avoidance learning play in a broad spectrum of persistent physical symptoms (including pain, itch and fatigue). The project aims to gain a better understanding of the role of expectancy and avoidance in the transition from an acute to a chronic state. For this goal, the PhD student will study these relationships in subjects with and without physical symptoms, starting with experimental laboratory studies integrating expectancy and avoidance manipulations to investigate how these processes interact in symptom worsening.
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