(Online) Summer internship at Center for Social and Cultural Psychology

Apply before: 31 March 2022
Institute: University of Leuven, Belgium

The Center for Social and Cultural Psychology at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) is currently accepting applications for our (online) summer internship program from undergraduates interested in social psychological research. Due to COVID-19, we can only provide preliminary information at this point.

The Center has an excellent international reputation and extensive international research collaborations with social and cultural psychology groups. The center provides excellent research facilities, including a state-of-the-art psycho-physiological lab. Check the Center website

The CSCP summer internship is open to students who are interested in gaining familiarity with and executing social psychological research. Interns will spend approximately 30 hours per week working in close contact with CSCP researchers. Work includes conducting studies with CSCP researchers in the lab and field, literature review, and (basic) data analysis.

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PhD Position in Neuroscience


Apply before: 1 February, 2021
Institute: Catholic University of Leuven Center for Contextual Psychiatry, Belgium
  • Up to 10% of adolescents and adults engage in non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI; e.g., cutting, hitting) every year and are at increased risk for suicide and various other adverse outcomes (e.g., stigma, depression, interpersonal stress). Suicide is the second leading cause of death for 15 – 29 year-olds worldwide.
  • Despite this, we still lack the ability to effectively predict NSSI and suicidal behaviours where they occur: in individuals’ everyday lives. Against this background, this innovative PhD project will harness the power of cutting-edge experience sampling methods and wearable technology to lay the foundation for novel interventions and collect data in two daily life studies: a clinical study with individuals who have engaged in NSSI and another with young adults from the general population who are at risk of developing suicidal thoughts and behaviours.
  • The project will involve developing individual risk prediction models that can accurately detect the risk of NSSI in daily life and investigating dynamic phenotypes of people who self-injure, as well as those at high-risk. The successful candidate will take a leading role in the two studies and will be responsible for conducting interviews with the participants and cooperating with clinicians.
  • A contract for one year will be offered, which is renewable for another three years after positive evaluation. Salaries for Ph.D. students are competitive by international standards. The starting date is flexible but no later than March 2021.
  • Succesful applicants must be fluent in Dutch.
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PhD position in Neuroeconomics


Apply before: 28 april 2020
Institute: University of Antwerp
Job specification:
  • What are the roots of fairness and how does it restrain selfishness and sustain cooperation? While equality may be a guiding benchmark to decide on appropriate distributions, in reality, the fairness norm is a social construct, highly influenced by culture, feelings of attachment, values, and bargaining position. With behavioural- and neuro-imaging studies we investigate how different people decide what is fair or not, and how their fairness preferences are affected by power asymmetry and conflict. Relying on functional magnetic resonance (fMRI) techniques, the project aims to uncover the drivers of the person*context interaction and identify the different motivations behind fairness judgments and decisions. By gaining insights into this biological mechanism we contribute to a more solid foundation of social science predictions of how different people develop fairness preferences in different environments.
  • You hold a master degree that is relevant to the field of neuroeconomics (e.g., Economic- , Psychological- , Biological- or Biomedical Sciences).
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Apply before: 30 September 2019
KU Leuven
Job specification:
  • The research project is at KU Leuven embedded in a collaboration of the Leuven Institute for Healthcare Policy (Faculty of Medicine) and the Work, Organisational and Personnel Psychology unit (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences).
  • This study aims to transfer, modify, scale up and evaluate the evidence-based Magnet model of organizational redesign of clinical health care work in 60 hospitals in 5 European countries. Magnet4Europe uses a mixed method evaluation design to determine direct and indirect individual and collective mental health outcomes and cost effectiveness.
  • We aim to hire two research fellows to conduct this research under supervision of Professor Walter Sermeus, Professor Hans De Witte, Professor Wilmar Schaufeli and dr. Luk Bruyneel. KU Leuven’s main responsibilities are in coordinating the international research and conducting the research in Flemish hospitals. A combination of project work and PhD is envisaged. Both positions will include local and international project management, international travel, fieldwork, questionnaire development, data integration and analysis, and presentation of results in scientific publications
  • We are looking for an enthousiast candidate with a MSc degree with magna cum laude merits and excellent communication skills in English language, both verbally as well as in academic writing. Knowledge of Dutch is an asset, not a requirement.
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Apply before: 20 July, 2019
KU Leuven, Belgium
Job specification:
  • Following funding of the project “When you say “women collaborate more”, do I hear you say that men do not collaborate? Consequences of communicators’ choices of comparative formats in messages about social groups” by the Special Research Fund of KU Leuven – University of Leuven (C14/19/56), we have an opening for a four-year fully-funded predoctoral position in the Centre for Social and Cultural Psychology (CSCP) of KU Leuven – University of Leuven, Belgium.
  • The project focuses on observers’ responses to verbal claims about social groups as a function of the extent to, and the manner in which the claim renders the underlying intergroup comparison explicit. People who read or hear messages about similarities and differences between social groups may respond differently to messages that are logically equivalent but that are worded differently (e.g., ‘Women are more intuitive than men’ vs ‘Men are less intuitive than women’).
  • The project’s results will thus contribute to the understanding of why some messages entail stereotype change whereas others do not, will yield recommendations for communication training, and will help the general audience analyze media messages.
  • The project consists of a series of experiments where the main independent variable is the comparative format of stimulus claims and dependent variables include both self-report and implicit measures. The claims will mainly pertain to stereotypes of gender and age groups. The PhD candidate will conduct the experiments in the project (with sufficient room for creative contribution) and report the results in international journals and at national and international conferences. S/he will devote a small part of his/her time (10% max) in educational tasks (e.g., supervising exams, coaching tutorials) and will co-supervise master’s theses about specific studies in the project.
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Doctoraatstudent Sociale en Culturele Psychologie


Apply before: 1 Juli, 2019
KU Leuven, Belgium
Job specification:
  • Voor de Faculteit Psychologie en Pedagogische Wetenschappen van de KU Leuven zijn we op zoek naar een doctoraatsstudent die naast het verrichten van onderzoek in de sociale en culturele psychologie (2/3e van de tijd) ook onderwijs verzorgt (1/3e van de tijd), waaronder in de statistiekvakken
  • Het doctoraatsonderzoek situeert zich in het brede domein van de sociale en culturele psychologie en bouwt voort op lopende onderzoeksprojecten naar de acculturatie van psychologische processen zoals emoties, de onderliggende mechanismen alsook consequenties van emotionele ‘fit’ in interculturele interacties, en het welbevinden en schoolsucces van jongeren met een migratieachtergrond. De kandidaat heeft als taak om, onder begeleiding, eigen onderzoek te ontwikkelen en uit te voeren, dit te presenteren op nationale en internationale conferenties, om de resultaten ervan te rapporteren in internationale tijdschriften en, op basis daarvan, een doctoraatsproefschrift voor te bereiden.
External references: Vacature Doctoraatstudent KU Leuven

Vacancy PhD Student Neuroscience


Apply before: July 30th, 2019
KU Leuven Neurosciences department / Brain and Cognition Group
Job specification:
  • In this project we investigate the interplay between postural control and auditory (temporal) processing under ecologically relevant listening conditions in persons with different degrees of age-related hearing impairment (ARHI, presbycusis) using electrophysiological and behavioral outcome measures.
  • The planned studies comprise assessments of ARHI in larger samples in Flanders, multi-tasking experiments with different adult groups, and a training study. Results have potential importance for the treatment of ARHI.
  • If interested please send motivation letter and your CV before  30 July by email toprof Astrid van Wieringen (ExpORL),  and prof Ralf Krampe (BatLab)

    (email: astrid.vanwieringen@kuleuven.be, ralf.krampe@kuleuven.be

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FOUR-YEAR Ph.D. STUDENT POSITION Center for Social and Cultural Psychology


Apply before: May 15, 2019
University of Leuven, Belgium
Job specification:
    • The Center for Social and Cultural Psychology (CSCP) at the University of Leuven, Belgium, invites
      applications for a fully funded Ph.D. student position on the project The Social Psychology of Gender

    • Central in this project is the question how individuals respond to stigma, specifically how stigma affects
      self-regulation, motivation, and performance. Women are still strongly underrepresented in various
      fields (e.g., technology, the police force) and in higher positions in society, while men continue to be
      underrepresented in communal roles, including health care, elementary education, and in domestic
      and care roles at home. Ethnic and religious minorities, LGBTQ+ people, low SES people, and people
      with physical or mental disabilities face stigma in many areas of their day-to-day lives.

    • Interested candidates should send the following application materials to Lin Sweertvaegher at
      ppw.cscp-cmpo@kuleuven.be with Colette van Laar and Jenny Veldman in cc
      (colette.vanlaar@kuleuven.be; jenny.veldman@kuleuven.be). Please provide a) an application letter
      detailing your motivation and experience also as relevant to the project (see above tasks and
      requirements), b) your Curriculum Vitae, c) a list of your course grades, and d) two letters of
      recommendation from experts who can provide details of their experience with you. Applications
      should be in English or Dutch. Closing date for applications: May 15 2019 or until the position is filled.
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Traineeship Eurocontrol Air Traffic Control Training


Apply before: May 5, 2019
Job specification:
    • EUROCONTROL is a leading public organisation in the field of European ATM. We are uniquely qualified to make the Single European Sky a reality and we support our Member States and stakeholders in making aviation safer, more efficient and more cost-effective, while minimising its environmental impact.

    • We, the Training Support and Tools Team, are looking for a student or recent graduate in Psychology to join our dynamic and international team to support EUROCONTROL’s training activities in EUROCONTROL’s HQ.
    •  If you are passionate about Psychology, are curious about the job of ATCO, enjoy working in a team, and wish to acquire experience in an international aviation environment, you should continue reading as this could be “the” fantastic traineeship opportunity for you!
    •  As part of our unit and given the nature of your role, you are proficient in French (both verbal and written) and have a good working knowledge of English.
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Doctoraal onderzoeker: Determinanten van burn-out en re-integratie


Apply before: February 25th, 2019
Universiteit Gent, Belgium
Job specification:
  • Het doctoraal mandaat kadert in een breder, interdisciplinair onderzoeksproject. De bedoeling van dit bredere project is een geïntegreerd perspectief te bieden op (i) de socio-economische en psychologische determinanten van burn-out en (ii) de gevolgen van burn-out voor de verdere carrière. Theoretisch worden psychologische modellen verrijkt met harde socio-economische indicatoren. Empirisch wordt kwalitatief en kwantitatief onderzoek gecombineerd om voor het eerst de dynamische en causale relaties tussen burn-out en andere socio-economische en psychologische constructen bloot te leggen. Meer informatie omtrent het project is te vinden in de projectomschrijving.
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