PhD position in Neuroeconomics


Apply before: 28 april 2020
Institute: University of Antwerp
Job specification:
  • What are the roots of fairness and how does it restrain selfishness and sustain cooperation? While equality may be a guiding benchmark to decide on appropriate distributions, in reality, the fairness norm is a social construct, highly influenced by culture, feelings of attachment, values, and bargaining position. With behavioural- and neuro-imaging studies we investigate how different people decide what is fair or not, and how their fairness preferences are affected by power asymmetry and conflict. Relying on functional magnetic resonance (fMRI) techniques, the project aims to uncover the drivers of the person*context interaction and identify the different motivations behind fairness judgments and decisions. By gaining insights into this biological mechanism we contribute to a more solid foundation of social science predictions of how different people develop fairness preferences in different environments.
  • You hold a master degree that is relevant to the field of neuroeconomics (e.g., Economic- , Psychological- , Biological- or Biomedical Sciences).
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