Research Assistant – Parents+ and Building Blocks


Apply before: March 31st, 2017
Institute: Bernard van Leer Foundation
Job specification:

The role of Research Assistant, Parents+ and Building Blocks, is a one-year position to provide high-quality research and project support to the K4P team, with a focus on our Parents+ and Building Blocks investment areas. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to help build a new team and to develop knowledge on early childhood policies and programmes, with a focus on transitioning programs to scale and on communications and advocacy.
Core activities of the K4P team include:
1. Gather and disseminate knowledge on early childhood development. For example: publication of our signature journal Early Childhood Matters.
2. Support advocacy that uses the science of nurturing care to raise awareness about the importance of the early years and secure more financing for early childhood development. For example: partner with neuroscientists to collate beautiful new images of the brain with messages on why the early years are important, co-fund and advise an immersion course for journalists on early childhood development at Columbia University.
3. Support capacity-building activities for policymakers, funders and managers to help them transition small-scale projects to large-scale policies and programmes. For example: sponsoring participants and providing technical inputs to our executive education programme on scaling early childhood development programmes at the Harvard Kennedy School.
4. Provide direct technical assistance to major strategic partners in our country programmes. For example: providing inputs on parent coaching models to support programme design across the countries where we work.

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