Two 3-year PhD positions in Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience


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University of Lübeck, Germany
Job specification:
  • The Collaborative Research Unit “Cognitive Theory for Tourette Syndrome – A Novel Perspective” (DFG
    FOR 2698, speaker: Alexander Münchau) has recently been awarded to the Universities of Lübeck and
    Dresden. As part of this research unit, two 3-year PhD positions are offered in the field of cognitive and
    systems neuroscience research in Tourette syndrome in the Department of Pediatric and Adult Movement
    Disorders and Neuropsychiatry, Center for Brain, Behavior and Metabolism at the University of Lübeck in
    close cooperation with the Department of Cognitive Neurophysiology at the University of Dresden
  • We are an interdisciplinary team (neurology, neuropsychiatry, psychology, computer science) using TMS,
    EEG and fMRI to investigate the neural underpinnings of action control and movement disorders, with a
    particular focus on Tourette syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, and dystonia
  • Required is a M.Sc. degree in psychology, neuroscience, biomedical sciences, or a related field
    Strong interest in scientific research, combining cognitive, clinical and systems neuroscience
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