FOUR-YEAR Ph.D. STUDENT POSITION Center for Social and Cultural Psychology


Apply before: May 15, 2019
University of Leuven, Belgium
Job specification:
    • The Center for Social and Cultural Psychology (CSCP) at the University of Leuven, Belgium, invites
      applications for a fully funded Ph.D. student position on the project The Social Psychology of Gender

    • Central in this project is the question how individuals respond to stigma, specifically how stigma affects
      self-regulation, motivation, and performance. Women are still strongly underrepresented in various
      fields (e.g., technology, the police force) and in higher positions in society, while men continue to be
      underrepresented in communal roles, including health care, elementary education, and in domestic
      and care roles at home. Ethnic and religious minorities, LGBTQ+ people, low SES people, and people
      with physical or mental disabilities face stigma in many areas of their day-to-day lives.

    • Interested candidates should send the following application materials to Lin Sweertvaegher at with Colette van Laar and Jenny Veldman in cc
      (; Please provide a) an application letter
      detailing your motivation and experience also as relevant to the project (see above tasks and
      requirements), b) your Curriculum Vitae, c) a list of your course grades, and d) two letters of
      recommendation from experts who can provide details of their experience with you. Applications
      should be in English or Dutch. Closing date for applications: May 15 2019 or until the position is filled.
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