Academic Vacancies in Psychology

Apply before:
Institute: Beijing Normal University (China)
Job specification: The Faculty of Psychology at BNU conducts a worldwide recruiting campaign to strengthen its research capability. We are seeking outstanding applicants for teaching and research appointments in the fields of cognitive, social, developmental and educational, industrial and organizational, and health psychology.
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Dean Faculty of Education

Apply before: September, 2017
Institute: University of Regina (Canada)
Job specification: The University of Regina seeks applications for the Dean, Faculty of Education with the decanal appointment to begin in July 2018.  We seek an accomplished and visionary individual – a person of integrity, courage, and energy – to lead a Faculty of Education committed to serving its communities in a context of social justice, and to preparing graduates to succeed in the complex, diverse, and rapidly changing learning environments of today and tomorrow.
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Assistant Professor in Social Psychology

Apply before: October 15th, 2017
Institute: Queen’s University (Canada)
Job specification: Decisions will be made on the basis of demonstrated research and teaching excellence, complementarity of research interests with existing strengths, and potential for effective collegial service.
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Lecturer in Psychology (3 positions)

Apply before: August 27th, 2017
Institute: University of New England (Australia)
Job specification: The discipline of Psychology is seeking three enthusiastic and qualified academics to strengthen and expand the University’s research and teaching capacity. The area of expertise within Psychology is open. The incumbents will be expected to pursue an active research program in Psychology, supervise student research projects (including fourth-year level projects that involve group data collection), fulfil relevant administrative roles, and work as a member of different teams in providing instruction. Initial teaching duties will be to coordinate and delivera unit in our fourth-year program, and teach into team-taught undergraduate psychology units that are delivered in both on-line and face-to-face formats. One of the incumbents is needed to coordinate and deliver a fourth-year professional skills unit.
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PhD scholarship – Translational Neurogenomics group

Apply before: September 3th, 2017
Institute: QIMR Berghofer (Australia)
Job specification: Background: The risk to develop a mental health disorder, such as schizophrenia, depression, autism, or drug/alcohol addiction is to a large extent influenced by genetic factors. More effective interventions could be developed if we would understand the biological mechanisms of a disease. Large-scaled genetic studies have revealed regions in the DNA that contribute to disease risk, but the biological role of these regions is not yet well understood.
Study aims:
• to describe the functional role of genetic risk loci for mental health disorders
• to identify functional targets for pharmacological interventions
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Stagiair (sociale) psychologie, criminologie of gedragseconomie

Apply before: August 7th, 2017
Institute: Autoriteit Consument en Markt (ACM)
Job specification: Je zult je tijdens je stage bij ACM bezighouden met het:
• maken van gedragsanalyses van consumenten en bedrijven
• verspreiden van kennis over gedragsbeïnvloeding binnen de organisatie
• meedenken over de ontwikkeling van interventies
• onderhouden van contact met andere overheidsinstanties die zich bezighouden met gedragsbeïnvloeding Je doet dit onder begeleiding van één van de vier sociaal psychologen
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Beleidsmedewerker Rookvrije Generatie

Apply before: August 14th, 2017
Institute: De Alliantie Nederland Rookvrij (ANR)
Job specification: Je werkt aan een aantal dossiers die relevant zijn voor de realisatie van de Rookvrije Generatie op diverse manieren. Je bereidt enerzijds besluitvorming voor van werkgroepen en bestuur en anderzijds zorg je er ‘hands on’ voor dat lokaal sportverenigingen, scholen en speeltuinen rookvrij worden. Door bijvoorbeeld inhoudelijk uitzoekwerk en het meedenken met partners, waaronder de oprichters. Kennis van en ervaring met verhoudingen tussen (publieke) organisaties en samenwerking komen hier goed van pas. Daarnaast zorg je in nauwe afstemming met je collega’s op het Alliantiebureau voor een prettige samenwerking en afstemming in de werkgroepen Stakeholdersactivatie en Kennis.
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Associate professorship in social science drug and alcohol research

Apply before: September 2017
Institute: Aarhus University (Denmark)
Job specification: Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research (CRF) is an interdisciplinary social science research centre. The successful candidate holds a PhD within a social science discipline, such as anthropology, economy, political science, psychology or sociology, and has research experience within social science drug and alcohol research. The candidate is expected to develop one or more areas within the social science drug and alcohol research field (e.g. treatment, prevention, consumption, policy) theoretically and methodologically.
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Professorship in Psychology

Apply before: September 2017
Institute: University of Copenhagen(Denmark)
Job specification: General and special duties attached to the position as Professor include:
• Research within the field of Psychology.
• Teaching, supervision and examination of undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students.
• Research leadership.
• Project management, and external fundraising.
• Research and teaching management and development.
• Administrative tasks related to the position.
• Knowledge sharing and outreach to the rest of the society.
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Senior Researchers/Researchers in Traffic Psychology

Apply before: August 2017
Institute: DTU Mechanical Engineering (Denmark)
Job specification: The positions involve project based research and publication at an international level as well as tasks in the area of research based public sector consultancy. The research will mainly focus on safety-related human behaviour in traffic, but may also regard other aspects in the field of human factors. The characteristics, needs, capabilities and limitations of the road users form the basis of the safety related research topics.
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