Research Associate in Psychology, Biological Psychology and Neuropsychology


Apply before: July 15th, 2018
Institute: University of Hamburg (Germany)
Job specification: Responsibilities:
Duties include teaching and research in the respective department or institute. Research associates
can also pursue independent research and further academic qualifications as well as acquire
teaching experience. These duties are intended to promote academic achievement.
Therefore, at least one-third of set working hours will be made available for the associate’s own
academic work.

Specific Duties:
The postdoc will develop and coordinate research on neuroplasticity as a consequence of visual
impairments in humans. She/he will be responsible for running both behavioral and
neuroscience studies in humans with visual impairments (brainimaging and/or
neurophysiological experiments) both in Hamburg and in partner institutes outside of
Germany. The postdoc will be responsible for analyzing and publishing results. She/he will
support grant and report writing. Other duties include supervising PhD, Master, BSc and
internship students. Classroom teaching duties comprise 5 SWS.

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