Postdoctoral researcher Meditation and the Predictive Brain

Apply before: June 7th, 2018
Institute: University of Amsterdam
Job specification: Overturning the classical notion of perception as a largely bottom-up process, the idea that our brain is a prediction machine, continually trying to predict what is ‘out there’ based on past experience, is quickly growing in stature and influence. Yet, to what extent expectation formation occurs automatically is currently unknown. Perceptual inference can certainly occur subconsciously, but does this mean that we have little control over our own experience? The goal of this postdoc project is to enhance our understanding of the automaticity of predictive processing machinery. To this end, it will examine the effects of different styles of meditation on expectation formation in the brain in meditation experts using different neuroimaging methods (EEG/fMRI) and analysis techniques (uni- and multivariate (e.g., ERPs, MVPA), Bayesian modeling).

You will develop and execute experimental studies in the context of the research project, write a review paper, and report results at conferences and in international journals. You may also provide teaching assistance and co-supervise PhD students. The position offers excellent training opportunities in (advanced) EEG data analysis and (7T) MRI

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