Two doctoral research assistant positions


Apply before: ASAP
Institute: University of Zurich
Job specification: The Geographic Information Visualization and Analysis (GIVA) group at the University of Zurich invites applications for two doctoral research positions for the ERC Advanced Project GeoViSense, led by the GIVA group head and PI Sara Irina Fabrikant. This project, at the interface of GIScience (geovisual analytics) and neuro-cognitive science, aims to study how we make spatiotemporal decisions with geographic information displays (GIDs) in varying mobile decision-making contexts and how to develop display design guidelines for user, task, and context-responsive GIDs.

We seek two highly self-motivated researchers who will work efficiently and effectively on a research project involving virtual reality (VR) and mobile location-aware interfaces. The two PhD positions will have different methodological foci (i.e., VR or mobile applications in the real world) but will work closely together with an interdisciplinary team. 

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