Phd Fellow in Competence Development in Elderly Care in the Interaction Between Education and Practice Learning

Apply before: October 15th, 2017
Institute: Aalborg University (Denmark)
Job specification: The project is a collaboration between Aarhus Municipality, SOSU Østjylland and Aalborg University, which will map and create new knowledge about learning and competence development in the interaction between social and health education and workplaces in elderly care. The project will generate knowledge that can contribute to a sustainable model for both students’ learning and the skills development of skilled employees. The project must be organized so that cross-professional cooperation and learning is central. The following areas may be included:

  • Teaching methods and different methodological and theoretical approaches: Is there a difference between the benefits of different learning methods depending on whether you are a student or a qualified employee? How do learning and teaching methods support each other?
  • Learning environment: What does terms and conditions mean? Nursing home and home care for the learning? How to create a good learning culture with the given terms and conditions at school, home care and nursing homes? Coherence and match between content and level in the education section and practice.
  • Context-specific themes: what learning and competence development is relevant in, for example, relatives or similar key elements of social and health care work?
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